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The port city and frühere fortress of Zadar lies in the center of the Croatian Adriatic in Northern Dalmatia. In this region, the Adriaticüste is indented by a multitude of picturesque islands. Zadar is located on a promontory separated from the mainland by a moat. It impresses both with historic towns and an old town in the Venetian architectural style as well as with modern shopping centers.

In the surrounding area are several national parks, including the Telascica Nature Park, as well as more than 300 islands of the offshore archipelago. All this, as well as numerous bays, beaches, promenades and the varied gastronomic offer with local specialties make the city an attractive base for your yacht charter Zadar. You will start your yacht charter right in the center of town where the marina is located.


Zadar is an ideal starting point for a sailing trip to the Kornati – the largest and densest archipelago in the Croatian Adriatic with üover 100 small islands and reefs. Further south, deep inland, the magnificent Krka waterfalls at Skradin still await.

Climate: Mediterranean with temperatures between 17 and 30 degrees
. Winds: Maestral, Scirocco, Bora, Tramontana
Sailing season: May to September

Yacht charter Zadar

The sailing areas on Zadar's doorstep are suitable for sailors of all levels of experience. Families appreciate the short stopovers, nature lovers will find fantastic natural landscapes above and below the water on the islands of the Kornati Nature Park, and those interested in history will stroll through the centuries-old towns of this area and experience history up close.

Zadar - a city between past and modernity

The history of Zadar dates back more than 3000 years. The first finds from the region prove settlement activity as early as the Paleolithic Age. In ancient times Zadar gained more and more importance as a trading post. The city was always fiercely fought over and so it happens that styles of different population groups can still be found here today.

From Roman times the forum is impressive. Although only parts of the former pompous architecture are still preserved, one gets a good impression of its former size. Along the city wall, which was built in the 16th century by the Venetians as a line of defense against the Turks, you can still find city gates of typical Venetian architecture. The Renaissance People's Square is located in the center of the old town. It is still a popular meeting place and bustling with activity. Perfect to have a coffee or an ice cream in one of the cafes and take in the hustle and bustle.

To the far northwest of the old town on the promenade are two worthwhile destinations from the modern era. The sea organ was installed in 2005. Tubes were built into the steps of the promenade over a length of 60 meters, at the end of which pipes are located. The pressure of the waves makes them sound in different chords. Not far from the sea organ is the Pozdrav Suncu - the place "Greeting to the Sun". A glass plate embedded in the ground with a diameter of 22 meters, which at sunset begins to glow in all imaginable colors. Two impressive works of art, which with their homage to the sea and the sun exude a pleasant anticipation of the start of the vacation.

Arrival: By plane you can easily reach the city via the airport in Zadar or also the one in Split. In our customer area you can book a transfer from the airport to your respective starting marina. The city is also easy to reach by car. There are about 820 kilometers between Munich and Zadar. In the respective marinas and also in Zadar itself there are different parking possibilities. You can also find this information in our customer area.

If you are in town in the evening, visit the "Greeting to the Sun" square and experience the magic of this light installation © lexlero/AdobeStock

Typical Dalmatian lifestyle on the islands off Zadar

1 week: Zadar - Sestrunj - Molat - Premuda or Silba - Mali Losinj - Cres - Pag - Zadar

2 weeks: If you have more than a week to sail, then you have the possibility to enrich your cruise further north through the islands of the Kvarner Bay.

Start from Zadar to the island world right in front of the city's doorstep. Here several large islands are lined up, which are not yet counted to the Kornati islands.

Around the island of Uglijan you will find many small bays with secluded beaches. Be there early, the places are in demand. For example, at the family-friendly sandy beach in the village of Preko or the Mala Sabuša bay, which is difficult to reach from land.

Pašman is considered one of the greenest islands in Croatia. It is hardly developed for tourism and in the island's main village of the same name people still live mainly from fishing and agriculture. There are several paths leading across the island, which are suitable for hiking or cycling excursions. Explore the local flora and climb the mountain Veli Bokolj, which offers a beautiful view over the island and the surrounding sea. On the islands of the archipelago off Zadar, the clocks tick a little slower than the pace of the big tourist resorts.

On Rivanji live just 50 people and the island is used only by sailors as a vacation island. Sestrunj is known for its typical Dalmatian stone houses and at the festival Sestrunska noc, which is celebrated annually at the end of July, you can experience typical Dalmatian village life in the village square with live music.

The island of Molat, with a total area of 22 km2, is located almost 15 nautical miles northwest of Zadar. In the bay Lučina there is a small harbor, which is very popular with sailors. It is sheltered from the wind and the small village offers the possibility to buy the most necessary things.

To the north of the island of Molat, the islands of the Kvarner Bay soon follow. The island world around Rab, Krk, Cres and Losinj offers excellent conditions for extended island hopping. If you are traveling longer than one week, extend your yacht charter Zadar with the islands of Kvarner. Especially between the mainland and the island of Krk, but also in the rest of Kvarner you have to watch out for the bora. However, this cool fall wind weakens the further west you sail in the Kvarner Bay. Thus, this area is also suitable for all levels of experience.

You are sure that Croatia is the right sailing area for you, but you still don't know exactly which area? Then inform yourself on our blog about the sailing areas of Croatia. You want to fill your sailing vacation not only with island hopping and natural beauty, but also visit interesting cities. We present you the city launches from Pula, Šibenik, Trogir and Dubrovnik with the corresponding sailing areas. And if you start your cruise through Croatia as a family, then we have made ourselves smart for you, which destinations there are in Croatia, but also in Greece, or in Denmark especially for families.

One aspect of the magic of sailing around the islands of Croatia is certainly the play of colors. The vibrant green of the vegetation framed by bright beaches against the varied blue tones of the water, as here around the island of Molat. © Lunghammer/AdobeStock

From Zadar to the south - island hopping in the Kornati islands combined with a city holiday

1 week: Zadar - Island Iž or Dugi Otok - Piškera - Šibenik or Skradin with Krka waterfalls - Island Murter - Biograd - Uglijan - Zadar

From Zadar to the south the beautiful islands of Kornati are waiting for you. A cruise from Zadar through the Kornati islands is enriched with cities like Šibenik or Biograd. Combine bay strolling with a city vacation and enjoy your vacation aboard a charter yacht. You can find more information about these islands on this route on our Šibenik page.

If you have already strolled enough through the island world of Croatia, then take a look around in the sailing destinations of Greece, there is also a lot to discover there and also here the stage destinations are often close to each other.

A typical cityscape in Croatia: the old town on a peninsula or island with many sights, as in Zadar. © Dario Bajurin/AdobeStock

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